Who has the best bridesmaid dresses in Charlotte, NC?

New York Bride & Groom is where you’ll find the best bridesmaid dresses from the top designers in the industry. Our selection overflows with stunning dresses in a wide spectrum of styles, colors and cuts. Some of the lines we carry will even personalize the bridesmaid dress you choose with key design options. When you shop with us finding the perfect garment to complement your New York Bride & Groom wedding dress is a snap.

When you tell your maids the style you’ve settled on, encourage them to order their dresses directly from us. Without this request, for simplicity’s sake many out-of town bridesmaids will simply head for the nearest bridal chain store to purchase their garments. Since their dresses will not be constructed with fabric from the same dye lot as our order, the color may not match as closely as you’d like.

To help with this, New York Bride & Groom will coordinate directly with your out-of-town bridesmaids. This will make it easy for them and allow us to place your entire order at one time. This will guarantee uniformity in the color and ensure that no one purchases the wrong style by mistake. Click HERE for detailed instructions on how we can assist your out-of-town bridesmaids with the ordering process.

With more than 15,000 square feet of modern luxury, over 20 dressing rooms and a full staff every day, New York Bride & Groom can accommodate multiple brides and their guests with ease. Stop by anytime and see why we are the premier wedding dress shop in the Charlotte metro region.