Does marriage make you happier?

A study of marital satisfaction has revealed some fascinating facts — and differences — between women and men. Amherst psychology professor Catherine A. Sanderson talked about the results at an event sponsored by The Atlantic. Associate Editor Emma Green, who attended the eye-opening lecture, shared Sanderson’s major observations on the magazine’s website.

If you’re a bride-to-be, look for your perfect wedding dress with a spring in your step because the biggest takeaway is this nugget of news: As a group, men who are married are happier than men who aren’t. In fact, Sanderson says that point doesn’t change regardless of who the men are married to — be they childhood sweethearts or mail-order brides. The simple fact is married men are happier, live longer and earn more than unmarried men.

On the other hand, Sanderson explains, “Marriage for women increases happiness — if the marriage is good. A high-quality marriage for women boosts their happiness above women who are single. But a marriage that is unhappy for women decreases satisfaction below women who are single. For women, the quality of the marriage has a major impact.”

Green’s article also addresses the way our happiness is affected by children. To read the entire fascinating piece, click HERE.

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